Brian Leli

Hello. I’m Brian Leli. I’m an American writer, teacher and photographer. I have a bachelor’s degree in interactive design and a master’s degree in international journalism. In March 2014, I self-published a book of stories called There Were These People. You can buy it for $5 from the Kindle store. In February 2013, I self-published a book of photos and writings called London and a Year. I did this with a lot of other people’s help and money. I only wish I could have done it better. I’ve done my fair share of journalistic things for a bunch of different publications. I did the ones I’m most proud of for The Morning News, The New Statesman and Gapers Block. I’m from Chicago, Illinois but I live out of rented rooms everywhere. Right now, I’m back in Chicago, tutoring students, spending time with family and friends and strangers, and looking for a new teaching gig in South America or Europe. Email me. Subscribe to my newsletter. The end.